"Made in the USA"

This set requires a very small quantity of electrolyte to secure a
reading because it is scientifically designed.

Float has a specific gravity scale range of 1.100 to 1.300.
Precisely calibrated; all floats re-tested are guaranteed to be accurate.

This scientifically shaped barrel is proportioned to give free and
accurate readings continually. The true inside diameters are to
.005 inches. This finely produced piece has a one ounce rubber bulb
capacity. We use only the very highest grade acid-resistant rubber with
a durable rubber ended tip. The set is a convenient 12 inches.

Customer's name printed in float on orders of 200 or more.

(set includes glass barrel, hydrometer and rubber parts)

# 1 set: Hydrometer Set with Green Zone, 1.250–1.275 Sp. Gr.
# 10 set: Hydrometer Set, (Straight Barrel), Color Coded with Bumps
# 11 set: Hydrometer Set, (Cone Barrel), Color Coded with Bumps
# 98 set: Hydrometer Set with Thermometer, 1.140–1.300 Sp. Gr. & 30–120 F
# 99 set: Hydrometer Set, 1.160–1.300 Sp. Gr., .005 Div, 60/60 F with 2 oz
bulb (standard)
# 99 set: Hydrometer Set (modified), .005 Divisions. (Any range other than
1.160–1.300 Sp. Gr. of if calibrated at 80/80 F or with Nubs
# 707 set Freezemeter Set (Cone Barrel–Curved)
6 oz. Battery Fillers, Boxed