A Proud and Distinguished History
"Made to Measure"

In 1905, Francis L. Freas, our Grandfather, founded the FRANCIS L. FREAS GLASS WORKS and began manufacturing different types of hydrometers, thermometers and other scientific and chemical glassware and instruments.

Our hydrometers and correction thermometers were essential to the then fledgling automotive industry for the testing of storage batteries. Their use is still a vital part of that business today. Years of intense experimental design and development have given our company a top line of syringe type battery testing hydrometers which are being used worldwide and are of the finest quality to be found.

During World War I and II, our products figured prominently in the war effort. They were used extensively for the testing of automotive and marine storage batteries. We have been awarded the "E" for excellence in manufacturing for the production of dependable instruments during World War II.

Our diversified products include a complete line of thermometers and hydrometers for the vehicular and industrial trade as well as for the wine, beer and dairy industries. We also offer aquarium salinometers and some medical instruments such as urinometers and incubator thermometers. Our products are of the finest quality and are unsurpassed in precision, dependability and durability. If a customer requires a specialized product, we are capable of designing whatever type of instrument may be needed for his individual use.

Truly, the quality, workmanship and accuracy of each of our handmade products give a lasting testimonial to this long established and well respected leader in this unique business.

Mark J. Renda, Owner, President/CEO
Doug Reed, Owner, Vice President